Wood and Stump Grinding

Our Diamond Z wood/stump grinder is one of the largest here on Vancouver Island. We are able to grind all sorts of material into smaller product. Our focus has been on land clearing debris, stumps including trees and wood products, construction debris, ground vegetation, composted material. We have also ground products such and household green waste, septic waste, restaurant waste products and books. Once ground all these products are then turned into other reusable products such as animal bedding, bark mulch for landscaping, hog fuel for Catalyst Paper, compost material for Earthbank Resources in Parksville, Black Gold in Courtenay, Coast Environmental in Chemainus. There are many uses for the products we make.

Land Clearing

For many years we have all seen the expansion of residential and commercial area’s on Vancouver Island, and we will continue to see development and growth over the coming years. It is our goal to clear land as efficiently and respectfully as possible ensuring that there is as little negative damage as possible to the surrounding areas.


As Vancouver Island grows in population our need for new housing and development sites is continuous. BMT has dug many excavations here in the Central Island are over the last 25 years. Excavations often bring challenges depending on location and conditions, be it rock breaking or digging in sand and gravel. Some excavations are a tight fit between pre-existing houses or on acreages, regardless of the size of “lot” we have the ability to work with home owners, builders, contractors and engineers as well as representatives for Fortis BC, BC Hydro and other services.

Rock Breaking

Our large rock breaker attachment for our Excavator has the power and strength to break Vancouver Islands assortment of rock varieties, our experience has taken us to the rock piles of Fairwinds, Stephenson Point, Rocky Point, Ladysmith, Qualicum and many more locations. Once the rock for your excavation is broken it can be used to build rock retaining walls or be incorporated into many landscaping projects. And if necessary can be hauled away.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is always an important aspect of our work. Not only do we want to make sure everything is prepared according to the customer needs we want to make sure we have taken into account the safety of those who will be working with us and around the job site. We also want to ensure we leave our customers happy and satisfied with the quality of work we provide.


Every excavation needs backfilling, all those freshly poured concrete walls need careful treatment and skill to make sure the job gets done. Since we have years of experience with filling the holes we and others dig we know what to look out for. We have worked with many different contractors/builders in the area and have built a good working relationship with many local companies.